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When skin suffers, more than treating it, it should be supported to live according to its natural biology.”

From this vision, the French pharmacist and biologist Jean-Noël Thorel created NAOS, a company inspired by life and driven by the heart

Learn more about NAOS  and its unique approach, ecobiology, to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health lastingly.

At the heart of our products, there is a disruptive, but respectful approach, driven by NAOS for the past 40 years: ecobiology.

At NAOS, our products are designed to protect the skin's ecosystem and strenghten its natural mechanisms. For naturally strong, beautiful and healthy skin. Lastingly.

Ecobiology is a scientific approach that combines the ecology and biology of the skin. Radically different from traditional cosmetics, this approach considers the skin as a living ecosystem, whose natural resources and mechanisms must be preserved.

Ecobiology is born from a deep biological understanding of the skin. Full of living cells interacting together, the skin is permanently evolving and adapting to both our body and the world around us. Our approach helps the skin to adapt to its environment and to draw on its own resources in order to recover its natural functions.

Putting biology at the service of dermatology, and dermatology at the service of health

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Everyday day, our skin has to adapt to its environment, which can affect its balance and its health. Pollution, weather conditions, UV rays, illness, medicated treatments, ageing... All these factors weaken and unbalance the skin, exceeding its natural self-defenses. Skin becomes more sensitive, more reactive, marks, redness and irritation can appear. Each person’s skin reacts in its own way, depending on its DNA.

We are convinced that acting on the visible signs is not enough. To really take care of the skin and its health lastingly, we must preserve it from external aggressions (weather, drugs, pollution) and deeply act on the causes of its imbalances, while truly respecting its ecology and natural biology. Together with dermatologists and healthcare professionals, we design products to prevent, take care and accompany  dermatological treatments in a lasting way.

Ecobiology is at the heart of each of our products, in order to ensure dermatological safety, support skin barrier and bring a lasting biological efficacy in the respect of each skin sensitivity.

Skin is a dynamic ecosystem full of living cells interacting together and with their environment. We are committed to develop products that respect this ecosystem and that will be easily assimilated into the skin. For that we have determined very specific criteria in selecting ingredients and formulating our products: we prefer pure, polyfunctional ingredients, already present in the skin or close to the natural skin constituents and never overdosed.

Bioderma’s product proof of efficacy

Our skin is alive, permanently renewing, communicating and adapting. Skin is our best ally. That’s why our products help the skin to adapt and regain its balance on its own, by supporting and strengthening the natural mechanisms of the skin.

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The skin is permanently affected by external factors (climate, sun/light, pollution, hygiene habits, clothes, air conditioning…), but also internal factors (condition, hormones, food/diet, mood, sleep, medications, smoking, physical activity…).

When the skin suffers or shows visible signs of disturbance, we think it is important to adopt a comprehensive approach and identify the root causes, beyond the consequences in order to provide a lasting efficacy.


Life deeply knows how to do things, how to grow, how to evolve, how to adapt… As well, the skin is a smart living organ that deeply knows how to do things right: effectively and sustainably. That’s why we aim at imitating what nature does best, healthy skin being our first source of inspiration. Our products’ modes of action try to reproduce or imitate the structure or the mechanisms of healthy skin.


To respect each skin sensitivity and preserve its health in the long term, ecobiology is at the heart of all our products.

In prevention, relay or accompaniment of dermatological treatments, our products help you preserve the health of your skin. Thanks to our ecobiological approach, studying the skin biology with its internal and external interactions, our products help you improve your quality of life.

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    Dr Sandra Skotnicki interview

    Dr Sandra Skotnicki, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto - Department of Medicine in the Divisions of Dermatology and Occupational and Environmental Health.

    Ecobiology is essentially the interaction of humans with the environment, preserving the skin how it’s meant to be.

    Dr Sandra Skotnicki, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto - Department of Medicine in the Divisions of Dermatology and Occupational and Environmental Health.


To put biology at the service of dermatology, at the service of health


To support beauty over time.

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To give skin only what it needs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

“The way we do things is more important than the things we do”

For the past 40 years, NAOS has been committed to care. The signature Care First embodies our ambition around the care that NAOS wants to bring to the world : health, well-being, attention, consideration, affection and love. Care first is a movement that drives our approach to care: caring for the skin as well as for humans and the world around us.

Bioderma intents particularly to put its expertise in biology at the service of dermatology, to care and accompany patients in the world, remaining attentive to each skin sensitivity.

At Bioderma, we are passionate about caring for, supporting and improving the quality of life of each individual. We are constantly looking to innovate to offer effective dermatological solutions that truly respect the skin and that are easy to use on a daily basis.

Care first. NAOS

As with all the products designed by NAOS, BIODERMA’s dermatological products are formulated and produced in France.
A single site in Aix-en-Provence is responsible for all of NAOS’s industrial and research & development activities, allowing for complete control of our products’ value chain. N
AOS sets itself the most exacting criteria in terms of pharmaceutical industry standards, resulting in unique ecobiological expertise and quality.


NAOS has always made transparent formulas and skin safety our top priorities.

    Ask. is an online platform that lists all the ingredients, patents and technologies used in NAOS brand products.

    For each ingredient, you will find information about:

    • its nature: what it is (vitamin, plant extract, oil, butter, etc.)
    • its origin: how it is obtained (plant extract, mineral, synthetic or biotechnological origin, etc.)
    • its role: what it does in the formula (moisturising, soothing, cleansing, gelling, etc.)


    This service is available at Ask. or by scanning the QR code on our products.

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